Who We are:

A Holland-based soccer shoe collect and share program. Donate your used soccer shoes, we find kids that need them. Cleats For Kids is a “collect and share” program dedicated to gathering and distributing gently used soccer equipment for our kids. It was the brainchild of the women on the Warmones Women’s Soccer Team. As players and parents with children in the sport, it was apparent that a lot of soccer clothing and equipment is either outgrown, or has lost its usefulness to the requirements of a more specific age group. Most unused soccer clothing and equipment is in the back of the closet or down in the basement – still in very good condition!

The Cleats For Kids program is run by Warmones Women’s Soccer, Inc. a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to kids of all ages in our community and globally. The women behind the pitch to provide clothes, gear, shoes and equipment to kids are parents just like you.

Though Cleats For Kids is not the first venture to be tackled by this group of women (and now men), it is one closet to their hearts. Focusing back to their sport of soccer provided an opportunity to share outgrown and unused equipment to those in need.

“Community through Soccer” has brought this team of soccer women off the pitch to inspire kids to become the best they can be by providing the needed tools.

The Warmones felt it was important to create a resource for families getting into soccer, or who have several children in the sport who need the necessary gear to play, without incurring the cost of new equipment. Cleats For Kids welcomes shoes, soccer balls, jerseys, shorts, and other soccer related equipment. The items are then sorted, cleaned, and distributed to local schools, and mission projects overseas.


Our children are the future. Our mission is to nurture their belief in themselves physically, mentally and socially by providing fun tools to accomplish a healthy body, mind and spirit.

How We Do it: 

Cleats For Kids  has designated collection bins around the Holland/Zeeland community located at specific drop sites. “Distribution Nights” are set up through Park and Zeeland township just prior to soccer season. Parents bring their players to try on the gently-used soccer shoes. They often leave with a smile! High schools  and summer soccer camps are also contacted to see if there is a need for our cleats. THERE IS NO COST FOR THIS SERVICE! We only hope that kids will enjoy the sport as much as we do!